Based on these concerns, here are some tips for ensuring an effective development team structure. Design is a milestone that defines the direction of the entire project. You will come across at least two types of design — user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design.

To truly understand a client’s core objectives and come up with an effective solution, you’ll need a patient, empathetic ear. You’ll also need to be able to communicate your own ideas in a way that compels your clients to take action. This may require proficiency with presentation tools like Excel and PowerPoint.


Here is an approximate software development team structure to ensure an efficient development process and, eventually, quality product. With 16 million new websites and applications added each month, demand is huge web development businesses. As an entrepreneur starting a web development company, you need to know the most important roles for a successful team structure. This way, your business can stand out among other enterprises, offer reliable services, and you can grow your revenue. Of course, with the right team, you can also keep up with the ever-expanding market. Read on to discover the essential roles for a strong web development startup team structure.

web development team roles

Not the most advanced software technologies, not an expensive high-speed hardware, not financial capital, but people – they are the greatest asset in every team. LaSoft includes 9 co-located development teams, which translates into 60+ experienced cross functional professionals. At some point we learned that involving cross functional, collocated teams helps to maximize value, eliminate waist, and make chances of project and client business success much higher. On the other hand, front-end is a term that includes everything you see on the screen while working with an application. To create the application, front-end developers follow the specifications and prototype/wireframe developed during the previous stages of the project.

How to Organize Web Development Team Structure

They create a detailed project plan based on the analysis and a functional specification document which outlines the features and functionality of each website. The project manager oversees the entire product development process to ensure that each sprint web development team roles is completed on time. When a sprint comes to an end, the project manager shows you a product demo to get your feedback and approval to continue. If something doesn’t work for you, the project manager asks the web development team to fix the problem.

All in all, there can certainly be more development team roles and responsibilities apart from those described in this article. Such extra team members may include a Business Analyst, Project Architect, Product Manager, Solution Architect, Tech Lead, among many others. A web development project can be a success if your web development team’s work runs with Swiss watch smoothness. When multiple talents are brought together to work on a single project, each contributing expert skills in their field, it paves the way to reaching the set goals in due time. Bug reports generated by the QA team members should be sent to the development team to improve the application. The following checkback should help QA specialists to ensure that developers solved the problem correctly.

Project architect

According to every Agile textbook ever, a person who takes this position works as a facilitator, not a controller. Scrum Master oversees that every member of a web development team has everything he/she needs to work effectively and eliminates any barrier or problem that gets in the way. Web design roles are performed by one or several IT specialists depending on the project. Product designer, UX/UI designer, UX expert, graphic designer – these are all design roles with varying responsibilities and skills.

  • Good UX and UI specialists can create proper sales funnels on pages that motivate users to make more purchases.
  • Nevertheless, these specialists carefully track the performance of applications and systems.
  • It goes without saying that every project and developer recruitment process is unique.
  • He/she starts all the processing after choosing the right technology stack for web development.
  • They must deliver the relevant charts and diagrams, ranging from page wireframes to architecture overviews.

Their responsibilities revolve around researching and designing a system of solutions to satisfy complex business requirements. As former senior software engineers, solution architects are much better equipped than project managers to make technological decisions. Their leadership includes choosing the right tools, assembling the right people, identifying risks and challenges, and organizing the workflow. On the business side, they translate technical terms and concepts for non-technical stakeholders, ensuring the project fulfills its business goals. A good solution architect can juggle business requirements, stakeholders’ expectations, and technological capabilities.

Effective communication is essential in web development teams

In this case, the back end, and much of the front end, is handled for your plug and play. Based on the information they receive, they can decide on the architecture most suitable for the customer’s business needs. After approving the architecture, the architect can be employed part-time but remains in charge of everything regarding frontend-backend-database data exchange and later – web app integration.

More often than not, the design team presents several UI versions for the client to select from. Of course, this stage also implies several rounds of amendments until the design is finalized. Build faster, protect your brand, and grow your business with a WordPress platform built to power remarkable online experiences.

The Importance of the Project Manager

Most web development teams, significantly larger teams, designate individuals for a specific task, allowing one individual to occupy a particular role. While it is challenging, having the right people with the right skills will surely enable your company to meet the client’s requirements and goals. For the most part, the whole development process is no longer limited to programming or coding and its underlying tasks. The overall success of the whole project does not only depend on the code but the solution it supplies to the problem that the business is trying to provide. To achieve this, the team should include experienced team members who can bring commendatory skills to the table.

web development team roles

Their goal is to develop user interfaces that look fantastic, give an accurate representation of the brand, and are simple and entertaining for users. Product development cannot exist without a project manager who keeps abreast of all developmental processes. With your website or web application almost ready, it needs to have some final testing to ensure that the product works and can be used efficiently. The back-end developer ensures that data travels safely from the back-end to the front-end, and ensures .everything stays secure and stable on the server-side of the product. Generally, these specialists help large teams optimize and speed up their work, so this requirement is not directly necessary for every in-house team. The secondary stakeholders are the people who are not directly interested in the project but do have influence over the project.

Solution Architect

If you simply translate the name of the role, you will get that a UX/UI designer creates user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). In reality, UX/UI designers shape your web product based on the requirements gathered by the BA and their own research. Each of the members and altogether, they turn your ideas and plans into a ready-made product. Now you may realize how diverse they responsibilities are, and I hope it will help you to carry out communication with the team during the development process.