Practice Areas

As a general practice law firm we handle all types of legal matters in both civil and criminal law, including litigation at all levels of courts. We also handle matters before administrative and quasi-judicial tribunals including the various taxing appeal boards, labor tribunals and disciplinary hearings before the various government commissions, and we do mediation and arbitration.


Our primary area of focus is commercial, corporate and property law. The link to our practice areas describes specific services that we offer from company formation, to assist in corporate management and corporate finance, to serve as registered office, director or company secretary and acting as receivers and liquidators, and preparing all types of corporate documents.  We also negotiate and prepare all types of contracts, including contracts to effect property transactions, and doing bonds, mortgage debentures and other types of corporate finance instruments.


Our firm also handles administrative and constitutional law cases, employment, intellectual property and taxation matters and matters involving probate, family, immigration and criminal law and litigation.


Corporate Services


• Formation of companies

• Registration of overseas companies

• Registration of business names

• Preparing trusts

• Formation of associations or cooperatives

• Advising on regulatory issues associated with business formation,

  including obtaining a trade license, sales and business tax

  requirements, and the labor related issues.

• Drafting and preparing corporate documents, including share

  transfers, certificates, books, accounts, resolutions and minutes

• Serving as registered office

• Serving as director or secretary

• Conducting company searches

• Negotiating or preparing all types of corporate finance documents

• Assisting with the opening foreign currency accounts

• Obtaining exchange control permission

• Providing receivership or liquidator services

• Preparing all types of Powers of Attorneys

• Drafting land sale agreements, transfers and conveyances

• Drafting mortgages or charges and other types of finance documents

• Serving as escrow agents

• Providing negotiation and document vetting services

• Strata registration

• Obtaining subdivision and land utilization approval

• Conducting property and title searches

• Dealing with property and land tax matters

• Dealing with government land acquisition compensation claims

Intellectual Property

• Registration of trademarks and patents

• Drafting trademark, copyright or patent


• Conducting trademark searches

Probate & Succession


• Obtaining all types of Grants of Probates or Letters of Administration

• Preparation of wills and trusts

• Succession planning including tax advice

• Administering estates

• Advising on tax issues for income and business tax, sales tax, social  tax

  security, trade license, hotel and tourist accommodation tax, occupancy

  for timeshares and other taxes applicable to business or private citizens

• Appearing before the various tax tribunals

• Negotiations with taxing authorities




• Assisting with obtaining work permits

• Assisting with obtaining permanent residency and citizenship

• Assisting with obtaining retiree status under the Retired Persons

  Incentive Act



• Preparing employment contracts

• Advising and providing representation on labor related issues

• Appearing before the various labor and union tribunals



• Constitutional and administrative law

• Corporate and commercial law

• Contracts including employment law

• Property

• Taxation law

• Torts including negligence

• Criminal law


• Advising on all types of family matters

• Dealing with divorce and property separate and child custody

  and maintenance

• Appealing before the Family Court

• Drafting deed polls

• Obtaining adoption orders

• Obtaining declarations


Criminal Matters

• Dealing with all types of criminal claims, including

  money-laundering and criminal tax matters and

  corporate crimes

• Obtaining bail


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