Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics, a company specializing in tools and its own open-source distribution for the R programming language, used for statistical analysis. SQL Server 2016 has in-database R programming language support. By incorporating R programming language support into SQL Server 2016 product set makes advanced analytics https://remotemode.net/ using R more accessible while making deeper insight into data easier. This eliminates the time and storage required to move the data, and gives you all the power of R and CRAN packages to apply to your database. The first group is the data types I’ve been using for all of the columns in the tables — things like int, datetime, char, varchar and so forth.

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  • You can consider the Primary Key constraint to be a combination of UNIQUE and NOT NULL constraint.
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  • Microsoft also supports the Transport Layer Security protocol for securing communications between SQL Server clients and database servers.
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  • We start off by giving the keywords ALTER TABLE, then we will give in the name of the table.

I enjoyed doing this course and would definitely recommend it. Nice to see a person from India to get MVP award for 8 times in a row. Currently iam located in London, so I could not be able to join classes. Please let me know the process and amount to get training videos. Build a prototype and check out if a partitioned view including tblFacts_current and tblFacts_allOtherData might help simplify some of your read queries with the model you’re describing.


I have absolutely loved my experience with Intellipaat and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of applying. This course is designed in a way that anyone can learn from it. Doesn’t matter video tutorial sql server part 4 master dba if you are a fresher or an experienced person, This is the best learning platform for everyone. The systematic approach of trainers to the course made the conceptual understanding easier.

I didn’t know XML at all and was concerned that I would be weak in SQL Server architectural and implementation issues related to XML. Fortunately, most people quickly came to the realization that the SQL Server 2000 implementation of XML simply wasn’t ready for prime time because of major performance inefficiencies and a lack of features. Few people leveraged the engine-side features so, I was able to skate along without really needing to learn XML. An important part of many DBAs’ and SQL Server administrators’ jobs is keeping databases current. Doing so involves adding, changing, and deleting data from tables.

How to store Videos inside SQL Server table?

But dropping a table will not drop views and sorted procedures as they exist outside the table. “Order by 2” is valid when there are at least 2 columns used in SELECT statement. Here this query will throw error because only one column is used in the SELECT statement.

video tutorial sql server part 4 master dba

In this SQL course, you’ll learn how to manage large datasets and analyze real data using the standard data management language. The Dataquest platform contains a variety of data-centric skill paths. For more about the platform, check out our DataCamp vs Dataquest review, but in short, Dataquest is a project-based, in-browser, interactive learning environment. You will know how to choose a database and what SQL concepts you need to learn to have basic, intermediate, advanced and developer level knowledge of SQL. In this video, you will find complete roadmap on how to learn SQL for Beginners, Intermediate level, Advanced level and for database developers. I’ve run through the script a few times on my end, and I can’t reproduce your error.

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However, I think I should at least add a note/link at the end to that alternate point about merging so readers know it gets complicated. At the end of today I know i have all required data, switch in todays data to tblFacts_allOtherData, drop and recreate ready for the next days data. I would like to partition a large Fact table by day as per your example.

video tutorial sql server part 4 master dba